Combatting Climate Change

In 2017, we made a five-year pledge to become a net generator of green energy. We are on track to hit this goal in March 2022 through significant energy savings by  converting to electric cars, led lighting and insulating roofs across the estate. We have also focused efforts on green renewable energy projects including biomass, solar and hydro power… but we are not stopping there.

This year, we are making a new climate pledge.

We pledge that by 2027, we will become carbon neutral on scopes 1-3 of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocol across all operations by 2027 and, beyond that, to remove 230,000 tonnes CO2e from the atmosphere by 2050.

It is our commitment that we will focus on reducing our carbon emissions across all business areas with our partners and suppliers as much as possible and that means changing how we deliver and operate in the coming years. Our challenge, as many businesses will face, is that we also need to generate income to survive and protect our magnificent place and the good we do for the economy. At some points we will therefore have to off-set our carbon. We will keep sharing our journey.

Dominic Hare, Blenheim CEO

Energy Management Awards 2021

We have been recognised for our net zero commitment and have been highly commended at the Energy Management Awards. The awards recognise those at the forefront of sustainable energy management.

Combatting Climate Change: Blenheim’s biggest battle

Blenheim will revolutionise the way it operates as we join the global fight for the future of our planet.

Our Green Report

For us to make changes that matter, we needed to understand our own footprint. We commissioned a report with Pilio, an environment and energy consultancy to calculate our emissions for 2019/2020. Read the report

Help us re-plant a woodland

We’re on a mission to plant 1,000 trees within our World Heritage Site. Sponsor a tree to be planted on your behalf to protect and support our precious ecological system. Sponsor a tree

Our Plan of Action for Change

Our Estate’s Director, Roy Cox, shares more on our plan for change.


Blenheim’s Carbon Footprint for the year 2019/20

Total Carbon Footprint – 32,000 tonnes CO2e, segmented as follows:

International Visitor Travel - 45.7%
Procurement - 17.6%
UK Visitor Travel - 27%
Other, including electricity and gas, staff commute and food and drink - 9.7%

We used these results to identify the interventions that will ensure we reach our new pledge.


We have developed strategies that will reduce our carbon outputs across the areas identified by a minimum of 5% year-on-year. We will:

Encourage our visitors to staycation in the area rather than daytrip.
Support carbon friendly journeys with discounts and offer carbon-offsetting where this isn’t possible.
Prioritise suppliers who are local or low/zero carbon.
Make energy efficiencies across our buildings.
Implement an internal carbon tax to influence decision making in our businesses.


Where we cannot eliminate carbon, we will offset through projects with evidence-based approaches. These projects include:

Building 26 hectares of solar farms
Moving 600 hectares of land to regenerative agriculture and restoring 30 hectares of wetland
Planting 358 hectares of new forests, including an estimated 600,000 trees.

This will generate a saving of 16,400 CO2e tonnes a year.


Our work will continue beyond 2027: once we achieve neutrality, we will look beyond this:

Between 2027 and 2050, it is our aim to remove 230,000 tonnes of CO2e from the atmosphere.

Using renewable projects will provide enough green energy to take the Palace off-grid, supply homes in West Oxfordshire and begin reducing the pressures on our electricity network. By making the choices we have in our pledge we commit to protecting Blenheim, but also enhancing the local area around us.