Environmental Stewardship

Almost 6,000 acres of our Estate are managed under of one of country's largest, most diverse Environmental Stewardship Agreements.

The 10 year agreement between ourselves and Natural England delivers a higher level of stewardship focusing on biodiversity, enhancing and protecting the historic landscape, maintaining traditional field boundaries, promoting public access and protecting natural resources.

We have over 20 miles of hedgrow under environmental management; more than 10 miles of stone walls being protected; and some 150 acres of arable land set aside specifically for farmland birds, to provide food and shelter through the winter. We also have nearly 1700 acres of grassland managed with low input, for wildflowers; and 500 acres of the Park's historic woodland being restored.

We work closely with several conservation agencies to safeguard our protected species. The Great Lake and surrounding woodland are home to an array of bird species including geese, herons, ducks, moorhens, swans, woodpeckers, pheasants and many more. The Grand Bridge is home to thousands of bats, and beetle traps hanging from trees around the Estate track the different varieties that have made their home here. Walking the extended woodland trail around the Park perimeter, wild deer, muntjacs, hares, rabbits and sheep can be spotted.

For more information on how we manage Wildlife, Farming, Forestry, Parklands, and Agriculture in an environmentally sensitive way, visit our Blenheim Estate website.