Blenheim Start-Up Competition

We offered entrepreneurs and start-up businesses a unique opportunity.

Working with local start-up mentors and entrepreneurs, in July we launched our start-up competition to encourage local start-up businesses the opportunity to come and pitch to our senior team.

The competition was open to any business, less than two years old or had fewer than five employees, was based within 20 miles of Blenheim, and could provide something which could be stocked in our shops or cafes. 

The winner for 2022 was Mitch Pinkney, from Witney, who came up with the winning idea for her business ‘Cups of Calm’ after realising there was a lack of mental wellbeing resources for children. Every Cup of Calm contains 30 jumbo lolly sticks that have been professionally engraved with tips, ideas, advice and strategies to give adults and children the confidence to manage emotions such as anxiety, stress and feeling overwhelmed.

Mitch’s product will be stocked in our shop and she will also get ongoing advice on developing her product from expert business mentors along with members of our management team.

A total of 15 local entrepreneurs entered this year’s competition with five being shortlisted as finalists. In addition to Cups of Calm, the other finalists were Bunny and Bear Design, Naturally Curious, Joyful Co Ltd and Indoor Jungle Design Ltd.

We are committed to providing local start-up businesses with support and a busy marketplace to showcase their products as part of our strategic goals to trebling our economic contribution to the local community within 10 years.