Blenheim Bursary Winners Announced

A total of 16 local charities and good causes are set to benefit from a £50,000 charity and community bursary set up by Blenheim.

The bursary, which was launched at the end of 2017, is available to all charities and organisations based within a 20-mile radius of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This year’s grants focused on five main areas; Wellbeing and Outdoor Activities, Social Prescribing in the Community, Creation of Green Spaces for Leisure Activities, Collaborative Communal Projects, and Community Infrastructure Support.Among the groupsset to receivefunds, ranging from £500 to £5,000, are FarmAbility, Oxfordshire Youth, Stonesfield Allotments, Sustainable Woodstock, Forrest Bathing and West Witney PrimarySchool.

“We’re proud to be able to provide funding to local charity and community projects which support and enhance our community, said Stephanie Duncan, Blenheim’s Marketing & Communications Director. “This year we sought to better support charities and local groups following feedback from a Community First Study, who ranworkshops and surveys to find out what people wantedand neededto improve their lives and strengthen their communities,“As a result, we have selected 16 worthy organisations who will strengthen local communities and encouragepositive experiences across multiple generations,” she added.

The other successful applicants were; Woodstock Youth, WUFA, Yarnton Scouts, Yarnton Primary School, Oxfordshire Play Association, RDA, Citizens Advice Bureau,Beautiful Barton, Children’s Allotment, Finstock Primary School,Girl Guides Woodstock and Hailey Primary School. Since its launch the Blenheim Bursary has distributed in excess of £150,000 to more than 50 differentcharitable organisations across the local communities.

The bursary scheme is part of Blenheim’s ongoing commitment to more than double its charitable contributions to the community within 10 years. As the initial target of £2.2m has already been achieved, with £3.5m having been raised in year three, there are plans to announce a revised goal with a committed focus to social needs in the coming months.

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