New branding reflects our ambitious goals

We have unveiled a major new brand identity to reflect our updated, modern outlook.

The new branding encompasses our growing business and reflects the ambitious values announced in our 10 Goal Strategy, created and implemented by new CEO Dominic Hare.

Home to the Dukes of Marlborough since 1704, opened to the public as a visitor attraction in 1950, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987; our business has grown tremendously, diversified and led the way as a truly sustainable great Estate. One particular area that has grown substantially, and was a catalyst to creating the new brand family, was Blenheim’s property arm which sits under the new Blenheim Estate identity.

We have strategically decided to go into development and to build communities as Oxfordshire is suffering from a housing shortage, we have also signed up to the Prince’s Trust Housing Principles.

Stephanie Duncan, Head of Marketing & PR at Blenheim, said:

“Our business has evolved, particularly over recent years, with many entities which have developed significantly. Some of these have outgrown the old branding and now require public identities of their own.

We want to lead the market in innovative business management. In 2017 we announced a series of highly ambitious 10-year goals affecting every aspect of Blenheim.

We are making great steps towards achieving those goals and we needed to rebrand, creating a family of brands, that will allow each of the areas to flourish and to communicate directly with the public.”

Blenheim worked with Bottle, an independent creative PR agency based in Oxford, to create the new family of brands.

Colin Cather, Bottle’s Creative Director, said:

“For the team here at Bottle it was a great brief and a pleasure to develop; translating the strategic vision, and historic significance of Blenheim into this new brand architecture - a family of identities that we believe reflects the clarity of purpose of the team, spanning the breadth of their ambitious goals for the future.”

Our New Identity

Our New Identity